Car Rentals Juanda Airport Surabaya , Malang with driver

have you ever been in surabaya? there is Juanda airport located in sidoarjo which is near surabaya, with juanda airport and surabaya this is the gateway for people from long distance and might be overseas to visit malang, visit montain bromo or semeru in malang, or just go to the where no one in your country have ever been gone before, mountain bromo is one of a fantastic place in malang, or you could go to oldest restaurant in malang Oen Restaurant, Toko Oen , it will bring you with time machine and let you enjoy very old restaurant in colonialism indonesian era, this restaurant is kept in original condition , the menu , the food, and yes you should go there. and i promise , you will not regret it, if you are in surabaya and or in juanda airport  and needed for transportation to malang , here we are “Queen Travel Malang” ready to serve you with any kind of transportation to visit malang, many type of transportation is ready for you. they are small cars , tiny cars , this car tiny in size is complete with the driver, will fit for small groups of passanger, this will fit nicely without breaking your bank.
and yes of course we also have others type of cars / transportation machine for bigger groups we have mini bus, medium bus, and also big bus. all of them are  ready for you to rent. just call us  and we are ready to serve you.

good day.

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